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(see what I did there? Jackie Handy? Old Saturday Night Live reference? You know...oh nevermind...)

  • Um, what's up with Britney & Paris BFF? Obviously there's some social herding call that only skanky blondes with fake boobs and botox can hear...
  • It's really, really (did I say REALLY) hard to type when you are wearing winter gloves.
  • Apparently, you don't need a degree (or even a high school diploma) to write for the local newspapers here (yes, a topic revisited).
  • Webkinz monkeys are REALLY popular!
  • Apparently it's easy to get 5 bucks from my husband if you are the ravers living next door who shoot bottle rockets at my dogs, put up Christmas lights in August, and move a German Shepard in who barks incessantly. (See Bright Lights, Little City for background info)
  • In my area, if you go into a restaurant at 8:35 and they close at 9, they will not let you order. HM.


Just because you LITERALLY SPEND ALL DAY lighting and decorating your Christmas tree, it doesn't mean that you will get to enjoy it all lighted because one light bulb will go out and short the entire tree after it is completely decorated...