Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Subtitled: Why you should teach your toddler rap.)

Cheeseburger on a Plate With tomato Ketchup

Last night we were having a family dinner when my nephew asked, "Do you guys know the Big Mac song?"

All three adults immediately (and simultaneously) launched into the two-all-beef-patties-special-sauce-lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions-on-a-sesame-seed-bun song.

Unimpressed, my nephew said flatly, "That's not it."

After several minutes of (unsuccessful) generational arguing, we gave it to Google.

And? Sure enough. The Big Mac song.

OK. I might be a little out of the loop since this video was posted in 2006, but now I can't get the song out of my head.

I was singing it in the bathroom this morning as my husband and I got ready.
(I know. Lucky guy.)
(AND, I can rap like nobody's business.)

Me: "I want a double cheeseburger, hold the lettuce..."
Me: Heeeeeey, did you notice that this song really isn't about Big Macs?!?
Him: That's not the problem. First of all, there's no lettuce on a double cheeseburger, AND there are CERTAINLY no seeds on the bun.
Me: That's why he says, "...no seeds on the bun."
Him: *SIGH* Why would you need to state the obvious?!?
Me: Uh...It's about the FLOW.
Me: *sigh*
Me: You know NOTHING about rap...

Then I did what any responsible parent would do...I taught the first part to my two year old.

"I need a double cheeseburger, hold the lettuce..."

After she sang it a couple of times she said, "I go school. I tell Miss Jody, 'I need a double cheeseburger, hold the lettuce.'"

I then get "the look" from my husband. "Great. We're going to have THAT kid."
To which I replied?
"We already do."

It's going to be a great day in the Wilson household.


Denise said... @ 1:35 PM

I'm laughing out loud - thank you!

WritRams said... @ 1:40 PM

LOL! I'm glad Denise. Now go forth and NEVER.GET.THAT.SONG.OUT.OF.YOUR.HEAD.

Dennis said... @ 1:59 PM

Just in case you need a little help with the rest of the lyrics.

Morgan's Mommy said... @ 2:00 PM

I love it!!!! And THAT kid she's a too cute!!! I will however be singing it for days I'm sure, kinda like the Filet O Fish song, I've had it stuck in my head at least once a week since Lent!!! :c)

Anja said... @ 8:15 PM

you should do a reality show so we wont miss any great moments like that at the Wilson residence... LOL

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