Thursday, March 11, 2010

Close-up of chocolate chip cookies stacked high on top of each other
Motherhood is a weird thing.

It is, by far, my best 'accomplishment' in life. However, it is also the hardest thing I've ever done.

I've alluded to it before--that strange, secret code of motherhood perfection that prohibits us from really talking about what is going on with us, our kids and our life since Us + Kids = Someone Else's Life

Well, I'm going to break that code, and I'm just going to say it right up front:

I don't like sharing my chocolate chip cookies with my toddler.

And while we're at it? I don't like

...giving up my television shows for the same episode of Elmo OVER&OVER&OVER again, or

...sticky fingers inside my Diet Coke glass to fish out pieces of ice, or

...listening to the same children's CD EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. in the car, or

...not having a good night's rest in two years because my 'mom ear' is in the permanent ON position, or

...meltdowns at grocery stores, or

...hearing "MINE!" 4,372 times per day (even when it doesn't apply).

There's more, but you get the point.

Does this mean that I don't cherish motherhood as the amazing blessing that is? Of course I cherish it. Heck, I even enjoy it.

Does it mean that I'm human? I'm guessing so, and here's how I know:

You email me to tell me that you agree.

You don't post it on my blog in the public comments (lest someone see what a 'horrible' mom you are), and you certainly don't say it to my face.
But you do use that lovely anonymity of the Internet as a shield.
And that's OK with me. I'll take a hit for the team because there are those who 'unsubscribe' whenever I do a post like this, and those of you who 'whisper' at groups and play dates.

But you're not fooling anyone.

In a recent post, I revealed how I secretly wished the school would just handle potty training so I wouldn't have to do it. A potty training expert commented, "I read potty training stuff for a living and this might be the most awesomely honest thing I've ever read. Good for you."

If this blog is nothing else, it's honest.

So, I know you're out there.
And I know you don't like sharing your chocolate chip cookies, either.
Even if you don't want to admit it.


Momzombie said... @ 8:38 AM

I'll add another one to the list:
I don't like that even if I close myself in the bathroom and lock the door I still don't have privacy because one or more of them will pound on it and say "mama" over and over until I let them in.

WritRams said... @ 9:42 AM

TOTALLY. The bathroom thing is a HUGE pet peeve for me (even when my husband does it!). There's some hidden alarm on my bathroom door--even if I SNEAK in there--within 2 seconds someone is knocking or talking to me through the door. We're also at the point where the 2 year old will whip open the shower curtain and say, "HEY! WATCHYOUDOIN'?!?!?" :o\

Anja P. said... @ 10:02 PM

I couldn't have said it any better myself - and yes, there are things I hate to share! Like the mom in the IKEA spot who is hiding the chocolate in the kitchen.

Working Mama said... @ 11:35 AM

Oh, I couldn't agree more! In fact, I saw your quote in the article in the Detroit Free Press and hunted you down because I SO TOTALLY agree.

I have a strong policy against sharing. I don't like it. I don't sharing with my husband either- so blog-haters, go ahead and assume that I don't love him either.

I also reclaim my TV from time to time and banish them to their room- where they have a perfectly good tv and where I can get some PEACE AND QUIET. My three year old is very found of saying, "Mommy needs pees and quiet." Precisely my dear.

Good job- loving your blog!
-Working Mama

WritRams said... @ 11:44 AM

Oh Working Mama.. I (heart) you! When can I move in?!?

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