Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something was proven to me this weekend that I (and some of my closest friends) have suspected for quite some time:

I'm not really a girl.

If you've been around me for any length of time, this fact quickly becomes clear. I just don't like to do any of the stereotypically women (or woman-bonding) things.

I don't like spa days where you get facials and massages ("Please don't touch me. Thanks.")

Manis and pedis? *gasp*

Sitting in a salon for 2 hours getting my hair highlighted and cut?
A fate worse than death.

I don't like chocolate truffles, candy at Valentines Day, talking on the telephone, shopping (yes I said it, "I.DON'T.LIKE.SHOPPING!"), soap operas, Tupperware parties, changing handbags with every outfit, books and movies about vampire romances, gossiping or drama. (Seriously people, this is a NO.DRAMA.ZONE.)

I don't even really like jewelry.

I wear my wedding rings, a necklace from my husband, and the same hoop earrings--a gift to celebrate Ella's birth--daily.

That's it.

Which brings me back to this weekend's concrete proof.

My friends hosted a jewelry party--a fantastic company that will be a great side business for them.

As I walked into a room full of OOO-ing and Ahhh-ing women, I immediately realized something I already suspected:

This just isn't for me.

I was overwhelmed by the tables full of hundreds of pieces of jewelry. I didn't understand the need to fondle and try pieces of jewelry like the other women. I was even more perplexed at the need to discuss where you would wear it and with what outfit ad nauseum.

Don't get me wrong, it was a completely fantastic party with absolutely beautiful pieces of jewelry.

It's totally me.

I'm obviously missing that notch in an X chromosome that makes me giddy with joy over girly things.

I divulged this personal information to another mom over lunch this week when I said, "I don't like to talk on the phone, and I really don't like to shop."

At which point she said?
"We can no longer be friends."

See? I told you...


Anja said... @ 8:55 PM

must have been a really rude mom to say that to you! don't worry, you can be friends with me!

thatdamnredhead said... @ 8:56 PM

I must not really be a girl, either, because I'm right there with you on EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THOSE. THINGS.

Michelle said... @ 10:40 PM

Ha!!! I decided years ago I was not a girl. Says the girl with the football blog. Except, I do love a good handbag. Maybe because I like color and it doesn't have to fit over a body part that isn't some preapproved size. Hate the phone. And shopping. Yep, so not a girl. Dude, you've inspired me to start calling everyone "dude" again.

Wait . . . word verification is "pontical." Spellcheck says it's not a real word, but I SO want it to be. It's sounds like it could, right?

momzombie said... @ 2:49 PM

I have one foot in girlville and one foot somewhere else. I do like jewelry and purses. But, I have never had a mani or pedi or ever set foot in a spa or had a massage. I hate shopping for sport. I shop because I need something. I shop for it, buy it and get the heck out. So glad to meet another woman who feels the same way.

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