The day we came home from the hospital I couldn't wait to get those pesky hospital tags off of my wrist. They had pumped me so full of fluids and I was so bloated that the wristbands felt like they were cutting off my circulation. They were actually leaving marks/indentations on my wrist. It was just one more thing after 4 days in the hospital that was driving me completely insane. I cut them off and then handed the scissors to Todd and he gently cut Ella's "bracelets" off of her ankle. He then holds them up - completely straight-faced - and says, "What will we do if we need to return her now that we've cut the tags off?!?"


Cara said... @ 12:17 PM

I think our husbands may be related, that sound exactly like something he would say. He wanted to know if there was a rebate he could send in for with the tags. I told him he couldn't get it till next year and he had to file for it before April 15th. Men!?

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