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I was at the grocery store this morning picking up a few things for the bookstore. When I was checking out, I sat my purse on that little ledge by the credit card machine while I got my card out of my wallet. My purse dumped OPEN TOP DOWN with $18 worth of change, a small bottle of hand lotion from a hotel and a pantyliner (just to mention a few of the 5,000 things laying right there for everyone's perusal). Apologetically, I began to scoop up all of the items when the woman in line behind me says, "Is that your thumb tack on the floor?" (as if it were a crack pipe). I gracefully bend down, pick it up, stuff it in my purse and say, "Doesn't everyone carry a thumb tack in their purse?" I shrugged my shoulders and off I went WEARING MY LOGO BOOKSTORE T-SHIRT SO THAT EVERYONE KNEW EXACTLY WHO I WAS.

(I mean, really, doesn't everyone carry a thumb tack?)

(and no, I won't tell you what I was doing with it...)